Usha: The First Seat of the Sanhedrin in the Galilee

Produced by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Hebrew with English subtitles, this video (01:52) shares the significance of the archaeological remains of Usha, a Galilean village that became the first permanent seat of the rabbinical body of the Sanhedrin during the Roman period. Horvat Usha is a stop on the Sanhedrin Trail, an interactive 70 km long path dedicated in honor of the State of Israel’s 70th birthday, celebrating the cultural heritage, nature, archaeology and history of the Galilee. Among the other Talmudic sites of interest mentioned in this video are the Shabbat Stone, which marked the limit of Usha’s “Tehum Shabbat” zone, and the burial place of Rabbi Yehuda Ben Bava, one of the ten martyrs executed by the Romans for continuing to ordain his students despite the decree prohibiting rabbinic ordination. 


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