KKL-JNF Houses for Excellence: A Unique Informal Education Project

Produced by KKL-JNF, this video (02:52) introduces the KKL-JNF House for Excellence in Upper Nazareth, an informal educational initiative that aims to empower the youth of Israel’s periphery. The House in Upper Nazareth is the first of ten that KKL-JNF will build in order to strengthen Israel on a national, economic and social level. Built with generous donations from KKL France and Italy, the three-story building is fully accessible to people with disabilities, complete with state-of-the-art educational facilities, an auditorium, and a social and leisure area, all designed with innovative style and technology to attract today’s youth. The House hosts lectures and informal educational and social activities open to all, in order to strengthen community involvement and values among residents of the city. 

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