JNF Western Galilee Tourist Information Center

Produced by Western Galilee Now, this video (04:20) introduces the Western Galilee Tourist Information center in Old Akko, established by JNF-USA in 2016 to promote tourism and  strengthen the economy of the Galilee. As depicted in the video, the center hosts concerts, performances, cultural events and co-existence gatherings, as well as operating tours of the many historic, cultural and religious sites in the area. Part of the “Go North” campaign, launched by JNF-USA, KKL-JNF, the Israeli government, Nefesh b’Nefesh and more, the center is part of a wider effort to attract new residents to the Galilee and create economic opportunities. 

Old Akko

Akko is one of the most fascinating and magical places in the country, both a modern metropolis of culture and coexistence as well as an ancient port city of historic, religious and archaeological sites. A popular destination for local and global tourists, Akko is home to many boutique hotels, culinary experiences, and tourist attractions, including the Crusader City, the Turkish bazaar, the Jewish Quarter, the Templar Tunnel, and the seaside port.

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