JNF Builds Akko and the Western Galilee

Get acquainted with KKL-JNF‘s ‘Go North’ campaign in this clip (4:42). In an effort to build the north and attract 300,000 newcomers, KKL-JNF suppots and promotes local tourism and infrastructure for residents. From giving scholarships to participants in the eco-Zionist Green Horizons youth program, to sustaining Erez College, a local higher education institution comprised exclusively of residents of the north, to bringing new families to live in a blooming kibbutz (Kibbutz Pelech) and opening a bustling tourist information center in Akko, KKL-JNF is slowly but surely changing the face of the Galilee region. Local small business owners speak about the drastic difference they see in their industries since KKL-JNF’s campaign to grow Israel’s north began.

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