Jewish History from the Building of the First Temple through the Destruction of the Second Temple

This post presents four short, informative videos in which Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein explains the period of Jewish history from the building of the First Temple through the destruction of the Second Temple, as well as the difference between the two Temples. The first video (05:22), featured above, describes why King Solomon chose to build the First Temple on Mount Moriah, and the spiritual, moral and physical decline of the nation that ultimately led to the destruction. The second video (05:03) explores the Babylonian Exile, the return to Zion, and the building of the Second Temple under the leadership of Ezra and Nechemiah. The third video (05:38) describes the Jewish Revolt against Rome, culminating in the destruction of the Second Temple. The fourth video (06:18) explores the spiritual and physical differences between the First and Second Temples, emphasizing the glory of the former. 

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