Infected Mushroom with Mayumana Live at Shuni

This is a snippet (5:50) from Israeli psytrance duo Infected Mushroom‘s pair-up with the acclaimed dance/percussion troupe Mayumana at the Shuni Amphitheater in 2015. Haifa-based Infected Mushroom has been one of the best-know names on the Israeli electronica scene since they started recording in 1996. With the release of their 2015 album Converting Vegetarians II, the duo went on tour with various other groups and guest artists. One of those was Mayumana — a world-renowned dance/percussion troupe famous for making music out of ordinary, everyday objects, like the garbage bins in this clip. With its energy, ambiance, and the openness of the outdoor amphitheater, the Shuni performance was a memorable one for fans.

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