Exploring the Historic Tunnels of Tzfat — A Kabbalistic Experience

This video, produced by the non-profit educational organization, Livnot U’lehibanot, gives a brief tour of the 16th century tunnels in Tzfat. This excavation site offers visitors the chance to delve into Tzfat’s Golden Age, an era in which the great Kabbalistic rabbis were spreading their mystical teachings. Visitors can also explore the “Kahal” village excavation adjacent to the tunnels, the 500 year old “Mikvah” (a ritual immersion bath), and the 500-year-old oven, which is still used to today to bake challah during workshops. To find out more Livnot U’Lehibanot, an organization committed to deepening young adults’ connection to Israel and Judaism, click here. To learn more about the Golden Age of Tzfat, from Rabbi Mendel Dubov’s video lesson, click here


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