Chef Einat Admony, the Ultimate “Balaboosta”

Published by the Michelin guide to restaurants, this video [04:17] features Israeli chef Einat Admony, the owner of three highly successful restaurants in NYC, including “Balaboosta,” (Yiddish for an exceptional homemaker). Admony began cooking at age seven with her mother, helping her prepare food for Shabbat. As an adult Admony worked as a head chef in the Israeli Defense Forces, and then found her way to NYC to train under a top chef. Today, Admony passionately provides gentrified “peasant” food, enlivening the traditional Yemenite-Iranian-Israeli recipes she grew up with. With the feminine strength and softness of a true “Balaboosta,” Admony aspires to feed her guests like her own children, providing mouth-watering cuisine infused with her own love for cooking. 

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