Alexander River/Italy Park: Rehabilitation for Coexistence

From the website of KKL-JNF, this article introduces the history and attractions of the Alexander River, a 32 km long river running through the mountains of Samaria from city of Nablus into the Mediterraneans Sea. After years of pollution and neglect, the Alexander River Restoration Administration was founded in 1995 to rehabilitate the river, together with KKL-JNF and 18 other organizations. The enormous project, which has won prestigious prizes in Israel and abroad, has created a beautiful natural environment in the center of the country, including unique attractions such as the Samara Ruins, Kedem Park, the Water Turtle Park, recreation areas, an accessible trail, and more. Much of the rehabilitation was funded by the generous donations of KKL Italy and France, most notably Italy Park, home to the soft-shell turtle observation project and a picturesque, accessible path. The accompanying video (02:59) shows the rehabilitation of this area following damage due to heavy rains during the winter of 2012-13. 


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