Remaking Sderot: A Park in the Heart of the Community

This video clip (3:42) introduces the Park of Courage – a project developed by KKL-JNF with the mission of bringing joy and lightness back to the lives of the children of Sderot. As Sderot’s Youth Center Director Yigal Bracha says in the video, after years of living in fear, “what this city needs is to be softened.” The park grounds span seven acres and boast playgrounds, playing fields, bicycle trails, and a lake, with shelters and safe zones woven seamlessly into the park design. The Park of Courage is so named because it signifies the courage of the people of Southern Israel who, instead of fleeing, continue to build, and rebuild, and live and thrive. It also signifies the unity of the Jewish people around the globe who share a common purpose and a collective bond to the Land of Israel.

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