Brothers in War- The Anzacs Who Fought for The Jewish People

This video [04:01], from the YouTube channel anzacconnection, is the first in a series of documentary films covering the untold story of the Australian and New Zealander army corps (Anzac) in Israel during World War I. These brave soldiers fought alongside the British and against the Ottomans, helping determine the crucial outcome of the war. Thousands of Anzacs lost their lives in battles throughout the length and breadth of the land, from the Gaza Strip to Megiddo. In the 1960’s, thanks to the assistance of the Jewish communities of Australia and New Zealand, the “Anzac Memorial,” was erected in the Be’eri Forest in Southern Israel. The contribution of these soldiers is extraordinary– they fought on foreign land, thousands of kilometers from their own homelands, for another nation. The Jewish people will forever be indebted to the Anzacs. 

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