Ben-Gurion’s Life in the Negev

Taken from the YouTube channel ‘Look’, this video (7:07) introduces a humble side of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion.

There is much talk of Ben-Gurion’s modesty and his choice to move to the south to the small, forgotten town of Sde Boker. Many were skeptical as he replaced the turbulence of his political, city life with the life of a simple pioneer, living in an ordinary cabin and working the land in a region with no infrastructure.

From this clip emerges an image of David Ben-Gurion as a worthy leader. A dedicated, hard-working man, with integrity that can serve as an example for us all.

The video raises questions about leadership models — how much was Ben-Gurion a product of the era in which he lived, and how much he was a trailblazer? In what ways did his determination affect the State of Israel today, and what has it enabled for Israeli society?



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